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The Farinet Family

Walking NonSequiter


After suffering for years as a social maladroit, he has matured into something resembling an adult human being. Most of this change can be attributed to the influence of his wife (and definitely better half), Patty. However, he still suffers from occasionally geek-ness and incipient dexterhood.
A demon programmer in Uniface, and other 3gl and 4gl's, he possesses many useful hi-tech skills and currently works for Caliber Logistics in Hudson, Ohio (View Resumé or Download Resumé)
Hobbies: Acting (most recently in Pirates of Penzance); Cooking; Science Fiction and Fantasy (reading, watching and conventions); computers (duh!); Animé; Comicbooks and Cartoons; TriviaMaster; and retired "PK" (no, Doug didn't retire from being a "Preacher's Kid", his DAD retired from being a preacher so Doug isn't offically a "PK" any longer).

The Cute One


As the most "kawaii" (cute) one of the family Patty could easily be overlooked, but that would be at your own peril. Patty is actually the brains of this family with the most commonsense and long-term planning capabilities. Currently, Patty works as a receptionist, phone operator, file clerk, data entry operator, phone technician and sys. admin., and administrative assistant for a "large company" (and woefully unappreciated at it too...).
Hobbies: plays Trumpet in the award winning Kent/Stark Concert Band; Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Mystery reading; Cooking; Costumery and sewing (sf and fantasy), and Lucid Dreamer extrodinaire.

The Senior Cat


As the Senior Cat of the family (with 10+ years experiance), Oreo maintains the household (and the rest of the universe) with dignity and frequent naps. Ocassionally, usually at meal times, he will acknowledge his servents by purring loudly and rolling at their feet. Recently diagnosed with FELINE DIABETES, his doctor has prescribed a strict diet and drug regimen and he is beginning to regain his appetite and some lost weight. Eventually, Oreo would like to take up cross-country hiking if he can ever sneak out an open door.
Hobbies: sleeping, napping, staring out the window, playing with catnip toys, sleeping, eating, and napping.


The Junior Cat As the Junior Cat of the family (with only 4+ years experience), Turtle has been trying to make up for lost time by bulking out to 17lbs in size (one big fat cat!). Now that his senior partner-in-crime Oreo has been diagnosed with diabetes, Turtle expects to go on a special diet and to lose weight down to a target of 13- 15lbs. While not yet fully trained by Oreo, Turtle excels at lap warming (until your legs fall asleep under the weight of a 17lb. cat!)
Hobbies: staring out the window, eating, sleeping, eating, eating, sleeping, playing, eating, and napping

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