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Joshua and Daddy having a Big Laugh Oreo and Turtle, Caught in the Playpen! Joshua enjoying the 4th of July concert at Blossom Joshua's Baptisim #1 Josh and Daddy at the Zoo Joshua learns to Pose for Photos A smiling boy! He's sooooo cute! Joshua enjoys posing for photos... Joshua posing again and again and again.... Uh-Oh, Joshua found the cupboards! He's worse than the Energizer Bunny.  You can't stop the poses! Joshua's first trip to the Zoo Joshua out and about Tyger! His name is Sobat Striped Kitty - Turtle Cat (he think's 
he's related to Sobat...) What a Beautiful Tiger. (He knows he isn't REALLY related to Turtle...) Baloo the Bear... ...Meets Joshua!
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